A  Trust is managed by its Board of Trustees of which the donor can also be a member. The trust can be created through an written instrument also called a trust deed that may require registration with the relevant Sub-registrar of properties where the Property of the Trust is located. The Board of the Trust though generally depending upon the terms of the trust Deed is empowered to devise the rules /regulations that would govern/administer the Trust. As Public Trusts are separate legal entities and their accounts are also subject to governmental Scrutiny though registration of a Public Trust is not mandatory.

We at FIGBIRD CONSULTANTS with our experienced panel of associates have been assisting NGO’s to get themselves formed and register. We will guide you to go through the entire procedure and paperwork involved in this endeavour; we therefore provide the following services:

  • Drafting Trust Deeds
  • Assisting in preparing all paperwork required for registration
  • Registration of the Deed
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