That the economic liberalization and India’s foray into competitive markets lead to governments in formulating policies that made domestic markets promoting competition as a means of rendering social and economic efficiencies. The contra veiling powers that till recently lay with the state run institutions, now stood shifted to the end consumer. Who through its preference for goods and services now determined the demand and the corresponding supply-pushing producers to generate efficient/economical goods and services that would satiate demand.

The consumer protection policy along with the competition law is aimed as a countervailing measure on the firms so that they deliver such efficient quality of goods and services by empowering consumers. It was with these ideals that the Consumer Protection Act 1986 was enacted.

Liberalization has bought its own set of challenges for firms with consumers preferring consumer forums as an alternative means of settling consumer disputes .

Our teams of Lawyers are well trained in defending as well as prosecuting consumer claims at district/state as well as National consumer redressal Forum at Delhi and NCR region ensuring quick disposal of cases.

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