Corporate taxation is an essential aspect of doing business in India and its importance cannot be undermined. The Indian government has gradually reduced corporate tax rates. The emphasis is now shifting towards enforcing compliance and expanding the tax base with e-governance and digitisation gaining importance. Taxation is also used as a tool to promote investments in identified industry sectors, thereby spurring overall economic growth. As such, understanding the impact of developments in tax and regulatory aspects and strategically using them to the benefit of Indian business activities is becoming increasingly important.

Organizing Challenges

  • Learning the impact of the new Direct Taxes Code
  • Establishing an Indian business presence if you are an MNC
  • Setting up business in the country if you are an Indian entrepreneur
  • Expanding into new business sectors
  • Addressing concerns about cash flow and examining tax inefficiencies
  • Ensuring that your tax function is aligned with your business plan
  • Knowing the impact further tax and regulatory changes will have on your business
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