This portfolio includes Conducting Due Diligences, Conducting Labour Law Audits, providing Labour law compliance certificates, Providing timely checklists to the Client, Issue of Appointment Letter to a new appointed employee, Preparation of monthly Salary Register, Preparation of Monthly Attendance Register and Disbursement of monthly salary slips/ wages slips

This service also extends:

Maintenance & Submission of Various Returns under E.S.I. Act-  Register No. 7 (ESI Regulation No. 32) Monthly Basis; Filing Form No.6 (Half-yearly Return); ESI Declaration Form-1 (Regulation 11 & 12); Form No. 3 (Regulation 14);  Form No. 1-A (Annual Return); Monthly ESI Challan and Correspondence/Liaison with ESI Department.

Maintenance & Submission of Various Returns under EPF Act – Submission of Form No.2 (Nomination form at the time of appointment of an employee); Form No.9 to be submitted along with Form No. 2; Submission of Form No. 5a (i.e. the Ownership return); Preparing monthly P.F. Challans; Form No 5 & 10 at the time of appointment and resignation of employee; Form No.11 which is very much necessary for those who exempted from deduction of EPF; Form 12 A every month; Filling of Annual Returns & their assessments in the form of Accounts Slip and Filling of all relevant Documents at the time of the resignation of the employee.

Discuss the tax issues with the statutory auditor of the company at the end of the every financial year.

Maintenance of Registers under Shops And Establishments Act- Register of Employment – Form XXII ; Register of Wages – Form XXIII ; Register of Leave – Form XXV; Register of Advances of wage; Register of deductions for the damage or loss caused to the employer by the neglect or default of employees- Form XI; Register of fines-Form X.

Maintenance of Registers under Employees State Insurance Act- Bound Inspection Book; Accident Book (form15); Register of Employees (form 7) and Attendance Register

Maintenance of Registers under the Minimum Wages Act- Register of Fines (Form 1); Register of Over Time (Form IV); Register of Wages (Form X); Wage slip (Form XI) and Muster Roll (Form V)

Maintenance of Registers under the Payment of Wages Act- Register of Payment of Wages; Register of Advances and Register of Fines.

Other Services– Visit during any physical inspection from the Govt. Dept; Guidance about Changes in Labour Laws; Balance Sheet Guidance; Filling of withdrawal forms of employees at the time of their Resignation from the job; Providing Notes and Legal Opinions on various issues relating to the Corporate and Economic Laws;

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