NGO’s as Companies

Under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 any entity with a charitable objective can register itself as a company under The Companies Act 2013. Once Registered the NGO will be subject to the same provisions as that of any Company incorporated under the Companies Act with the obligation on the company to get its books of account audited frequently. The only difference with the conventional form of company is that the same will not carry the name Public or Private Limited. The Central Government is also empowered to withdraw the license of operation and order winding up of the NGO company, if it appears to the Central Government that the company is no longer pursuing the objectives set out in its Memorandum of Association and in the alternate may even order the amalgamation of the NGO company with another registered company. It becomes important therefore that the companies pursue their cases with the Central Government whenever the occasion of refusing to issue lice of operation arises.

We at FIGBIRD CONSULTANTS with our panel of experience lawyers practicing in the area of corporate law and assisting companies to incorporate and register with the Registrar of companies are well equipped to guide your NGO through the entire process and due diligence in documentation required for the registration process. Our specialised domain knowledge in the area of corporate laws adds to our ability to handle cases/litigation arising thereon before the Company Law Tribunal, High Courts, Supreme Court as well as before the Ministry of Corporate Affairs giving valuable and cost effective services.

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