As companies grow in size of their operations, time and again they are compelled to lease or rent in premises to effectively reach out to their prospective customers who may be willing to use their services but for reasons of distances may not find it convenient to travel to the sole head office or company unit located in the remote corner of the same city. Market also tend to shift with time and change in the living standards of people.  Leasing in premises thus has emerged as the logical  choice for most companies as opposed to buying prime real estate.

Unlike many developed economies India does not have a regulated real estate mechanism and the laws that are operating this area of trade/leasing in commercial real estate are still governed by old adjet of residential tenancy.  This lacuna in existing laws has created its own set of challenges when they have to be interpreted in the context of commercial leasing and drafting of lease instruments. Peculiar to the problem are issues pertaining to registration of lease, duration of lease , rights and liabilities of commercial landlord and tenants, fixation of rent amounts , description of rent and timely eviction and rendering possession of the premises. It becomes important that these aspects are considered at the inception of the tenancy.

With the expertise of trained lawyers and our group consultants FIGBIRD CONSULTANTS provide the wide experience pool of different jurisdictions in ensuring services that range from lease agreement drafting, their vetting, pre-agreement negotiations, due diligence , prosecuting eviction suits in all courts/tribunals as well as using methods of alternative dispute resolution.

We at FIGBIRD CONSULTANTS have as a Policy believe in employing quick and cost effective method of resolving tenancy related issues and are proud to admit to have been quite successful in using the alternative mode of dispute resolution in resolving tenancy issues in a number of matters which come for our consideration.

With a thrust on alternative means such as arbitration / conciliation and mediation apart from the adversarial mode available through Indian courts we can bring a host of solution to all tenancy related issues that can possibly arise.

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