As the complexities of businesses increase, the amount of time spent by professionals in cracking up the law codes increases. However, tax and regulatory systems of even the most developed countries cannot keep pace with the developments across each industry as businesses emerge day by day. These also bring out the requirements for new compliances and the challenges of meeting them every single day. The new Direct Taxes Code requires businesses to gear up their systems to align with enhanced agreements. Are you there?

Organization challenges

  • Making payments (local or overseas) to a host of parties
  • Addressing your concerns about effective compliance of withholding tax requirements
  • Reporting of multilayered tax issues
  • Answering tricky questions from taxmen, including treaty applicability
  • Defending your stands before taxmen
  • Curtailing a significant litigation history
  • Defending a tax authority challenge
  • Ensuring compliance with the listing agreement

Our services

We can assist you with the following:

  • Advising on withholding tax obligations on payments
  • Obtaining no-objection certificates
  • Assisting in filing various tax returns
  • Helping during tax audit by revenue authorities
  • Providing corporate tax litigation assistance, including representation services
  • Obtaining advance rulings
  • Enhancing ERP systems to meet tax management requirements

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